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      1. 中文 16 Oct 2017
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        Because of its technological strength and strong innovative ability, Wuhou District has been extolled with a plethora of titles including "National Creative Innovation Technology Projects in Sichuan Province Demonstration Zone", "Western China Core E-commerce Industrial Area", "National Service Outsourcing Base City Demonstration Zone" and "National Technology Progress Advanced Assessment Area". Focusing on the rapid development of high-tech industries such as electronic information, biological pharmaceuticals, new materials and environmental protection, the district currently is home to more than 110 high-tech enterprises, including Sichuan University Wisesoft and Sichuan Demo-Scimee, with a total sales revenue of RMB 10 billion. In 2013, a total of 41 enterprises applied for status in the high-tech and innovative sectors and more than 8,000 patent applications were received, ranking first out of the five urban districts of Chengdu. Also in 2013, twelve Chengdu Science and Technology Progress Awards were awarded for scientific and technological achievements from the district, more than any of Chengdu's other urban districts.