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      1. 中文 16 Oct 2017
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        Yongkang Forest Park

        Situated in Yongkang Village and Chuanxiying Village Jinghuaqiao area, Yongkang Forest Park covers a planned area of 2160 mu, the first-phase construction covering 1335 mu, therein Yongkang Village 632 mu and Chuanxiying Village 703 mu. The park abuts on the Jiang’an River with rich water resources. There are natural sloping lands, large pieces of nursery gardens and patch-shaped lawns; thus these original rural landscapes form excellent natural environment.

        Situated in the northwest of the city center, the park is the wind entrance, belonging to the category of non-construction land of the overall city planning. It is planned as a center for conference and holidaying in the urban-rural integration formulated by the Chengdu government.

        As one of the theme parks at the ecological leisure zone of Jiang’an River of Wuhou District, the park will be forged to a green ecological service area of city function integrated with conference, holidaying, leisure, entertainment and sightseeing, featured by water culture of Inland-river wetland, Shuhan Three Kingdoms culture, west Sichuan folk house and folk culture.

        The park is the key part of the work for building “garden city” of Chengdu in 2005. And now many sights featured by Chinese gardens have been well built, including reception center of “Yucui Cottage” and park node: Xunyou - sipping tea in bamboo grove, Xiqing - rural landscape, Zaisheng - pretty scenery of city rim and other main park sights.